General terms & conditions

By placing an order, you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions. Purrfect Design reserves the right to change its Terms and Conditions at any time to change.
The legal name of Purrfect Design Milaya gcv, so just mentioning Purrfect Design implies Milaya gcv.

Cancellation of your order
You can your own, without penalty or giving reasons, within 24 hours after you ordered, cancel the order, if we have not sent it yet. Once your cancellation request is confirmed by us, you may consider it as received.
If the order had already paid, we will pay this amount within fourteen (14) days to repay. However, if the order is later than within 24 hours cancellation, an administrative fee of 5.00 euros will be charged.
Refund within the EU only happen if you complete and correct IBAN and BIC / SWIFT number provide. Outside the EU, only through PayPal.

An order is shipped, you can not cancel. You must supply than return, and within 10 working days following stamped and provided with a copy of the invoice.

Delivery will take place as long as supplies last. We will send your order within 3 working days of receiving your payment. If the item is out of stock, then you will be contacted and the order will be delivered as soon as possible.

If your order can be shipped as very small packages the "shipping without tracking" option is available, in that case your shipment can not be traced, and we are not responsible for loss of the shipment by the shipper. We therefore always recommend opting for normal shipment, so with tracing.


Orders are shipped when complete, unless otherwise expressly agreed.

Purrfect Design is not responsible then I show that the manufacturer or wholesaler that product stopped. You will be fully paid in that case the payment for this item will be refunded of course.

The final delivery date is 30 days after placing the order. If it is not possible within 30 days an order to supply you, the customer, with timely information and you have the right to cancel the order without charge.

Exceptions are later delivery in concert with you, the customer, or if you, the customer, even indicating the delivery later than 30 days to receive wishes.

All prices are in euros and include VAT. Purrfect Design is a Belgian company, so you need to charge 21% VAT, and for some specific items 6% VAT.
Purrfect Design reserves the right at any time to adjust prices.
The packaging and shipping costs are not included in these prices unless otherwise stated.
These costs are automatically calculated in response to the weight of your order and your designated destination, which must correspond with reality.
You will see this before you complete your order.

Shipping costs
The packaging and shipping costs are not included in these prices unless otherwise stated. These costs are automatically calculated in response to the weight of your order and your designated destination, which must correspond with reality.
You will see the shipping costs before you complete your order.

Following payment methods are possible:
Bank transfer:
Make your total invoice at the KBC bank to Purrfect Design / Milaya.

KBC  IBAN: BE58 7310 1366 8079
(or within Belgium: 731-0136680-79)
Include your order number in the comment.
Once your payment has been received, we will treat your order.
PayPal offers anyone with an email address the ability to send and receive payments securely online. This by using his or her credit card.
Transaction costs levied by PayPal, is 3.5% surcharge for using Paypal.

Trial period
In accordance with European legislation, you, as an individual, a trial period of fourteen (14) calendar days after receiving the product. During this period you can cancel the contract and the products in the same period return. Registration is required postage prepaid, in original condition and properly packed for our return. Within 14 days after receipt of the items in original condition we will refund your money. We do not reimburse shipping and handling at all times entitled to charge for. This return policy only applies to retail purchases and not for online purchases made under a company name.
After the expiry of the approval period of fourteen (14) calendar days, the purchase agreement a fact.

Whether or not the delivered goods remain the property of Purrfect design, until the obligations to Purrfect Design by you, the customer satisfied.

Liability during shipping
We are not responsible for loss or damage to goods during shipment. You can insure against this risk surcharge. Would you like to use it, report it to your order. Should there be a problem arises, let us be happy and will complain to the parcel.

PurrFectDesign reserves the right, without giving any reason not to accept orders or orders.
In the case of force majeure PurrFectDesign reserves the right to cancel the order or the agreement without judicial intervention, without being liable for any damages PurrFectDesign, unless under the circumstances to standards of reasonableness and fairness.

Images and specifications
All images, photographs, drawings, information on weights, sizes and colors on the website are indicative and PurrFectDesign can not give rise to damages or rescission of the contract. It is not allowed to view images and / or copy text from this website without our written permission to do so.

PurrFectDesign guarantees that the delivered products meet the requirements of usability, reliability and durability as by parties to the contract were reasonably intended and thus stands in for the manufacturer of the product supplied to you.

The articles are always checked before delivery. Yet it can happen that an item is damaged. Take within 10 days contact us via e-mail stating the order number, what product there is a problem and then describe the probleem.Wij provide an appropriate solution.
Returns: Unstamped shipments are not accepted. Always add a copy of your invoice, containing the explanation of why the item you return.
Further information under the above heading "Cancellation of your order".

If you are not satisfied with a product that you purchased Purrfect design, you can get in touch with us via e-mail. Postage for the article complained of is, at your expense. If the complaint is upheld by Purrfect design, these are credited within 14 days and returned. Refund within the EU only happen if you complete and correct IBAN and BIC / SWIFT number provide. Outside the EU, only through PayPal.

data management
Certain actions / eu like the subscription to the newsletter and placing an order, require the introduction of personal data.
This personal information to enter you agree that this data into our database.
The information you have entered is confidential and personal. This information is not sold, bartered or made freely available to third parties. They can be used for informational communication regarding your order, or other activities PurrFectDesign Milaya gcv. PurrFectDesign also reserves the right to rule breaking by a public authority when they become mandatory.
If you choose to write a review, you are free your other name or other personal information whether or not to add. We reserve the right not to our site requirements not to publish.
Cookies are small pieces of information that your browser stores on your computer and can be used to recognize you on your next visit. This is an automatic process, but you can if you wish your browser so that when you visit the site without a cookie.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these conditions apply, including these conditions, only Belgian law.

If you have questions about the above terms, please do not hesitate in writing or by e-mail us.

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