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Tre Ponti Liberta

The Liberta has a strap closing. This was created as training or city harness for small dogs and puppies. The innovative adjustable strap allows you to give the dog a broad movement freedom, safety and a perfect fit.

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This harness is not an anti-pull harness, but is is a 'tool' to help you break the pulling habit. 
When the leash is pulled, the movement freedom 
disappears and will provoke a reaction in the dog. By rewarding this reaction you encourage the dog not to pull the leash and puppies can learn this at an early stage. By the automatic tightening the dog can never escape from the harness, even in a panic. This makes it a very safe harness, even for small dogs. Because of its ergonomishe shape, there well never be pressure on a negative pressure points or any irritation.
Sizes Liberta harnasses:
1 - up to 3 kg
1,5 - up to 4 kg
2 - up to 5 kg
2,5 - up to 6 kg
3 - up to 7 kg
See below for further tips to choose the correct size.

Once you have learnt this sequence, putting the harness on will only take a few seconds:

1 - Open the strap by moving the bead all the way up  and hold the strap doublein order to open it in full 
2 - Put the harness in front of the dog (it has no front or back side) and put in the front legs of the dog
3 - Lift the strap over the head of the dog. That way the strap closing falls automaticaly behind the sholder blades of the dog
4 - Hold only the bead and pul it upwards, so the harness fits perfectly
5 - move the bead down over the strap, so the harness is closed
6 - the harness is now on, and the opening should be at least 1 cm, and can be as wide as comfortable.

- if
the opening is so wide that the harness is on the shoulders of the dog and / or the harness is in the armpits, then the harness is to small
- the opening is 0cm , then the harness is too big
- the harness should not be put on too tight, as it automatically tightens when the dog pulls on the leash, making it safe and the dog can not get out

- you attach the leash to the ring at the end of the strap

The indicatied weights are, of course, an average indication. For the Liberta model, they are ussualy correct.
We do see exceptions:
- Chiwawa's: small as they are, they often do have a very broad chest, so they often need a size bigger than their weight suggests
- Dachshunds: because of their  the specific model, they often need a size bigger that than their  body weight suggests
- Italian Greyhounds, Miniature Pinschers and other breeds with deep chests and very narrow waist. Because the Liberta harness falls far from the armpit, they often have a size smaller than their weight or chest size suggest 
- French bulldog and pugs: because of their broad chest theu often have a size larger than their weight suggests.


Here the indicated average weight and the guideline for the girth/chest size:
1 - up to 3 kg      -> 27cm – 32 cm
1,5 - up to 4 kg   -> 31cm – 36 cm
2 - up to 5 kg       -> 36cm – 40 cm
2,5 - up to 6 kg    -> 40cm – 45 cm
3 - up to 7 kg       -> 45cm – 52 cm

Each dog has a unique figure, but the combination of weight and chest size gives a good indication to choose the right size. If the dog has a narrow waist the harness can fall beyond the measuring line of the girth/chest size. Some dogs may need a smaller size than their chest size indicates.

is the Liberta harness  too small for your dog?

The Liberta harness is too small if it falls on the shoulders and in the armpits.

When is the Liberta harness is too big for your dog?

The Liberta harness is too big if it has less than 1 cm opening at the closing.


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