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Tre Ponti Liberta for CATS

The Tre Ponti Liberta harness is an ideal cat harness.

Unlike a traditional cat harness, the Liberta model gives a freer feeling. This because it is not around the neck and they have nothing between the front legs. Also this lightweight harness is easier to put on and take off. It does not hold fur, so it is therefore not only easy to keep clean but the fur of the cat does not felted under the harness.

Cats are Houdinis, so it is very important that the harness fits properly. Since cats have no collarbone they can make themselves very narrow if they want to escape. Traditional  cat harnesses must therefor be very tight to prevent escape, but that is not necessary with the Tre Ponti Liberta model. The Liberta will automaticaly get smaller when the cat makes itself thinner, but will get comfortable again when the cat relaxes. 

The leash / the line is easy to attach to the ring at the end of the Liberta strap.

Important is that the Liberta harness has a decent opening as it is comfortably on the standing cat. Only then it will be smaller/thighter when the cat makes itself thinner to escape. The photos show clearly how it should fit.

Choosing the size of the

The indicated weights are of course an average indication.
Often cats but a smaller size than their weight suggests. This is because they usually have a smaller chest than the average dog of the same weight, and because the opening at the top must be significantly larger than for dogs. That opening is important because cats are Houdinis because they can make themselves very slim if they want to escape from their harness (as previously described)

Do you doubt the right size?
Below is additional information on the corresponding chest circumference:

1 - up to 3 kg      -> 31cm – 34 cm
1,5 - up to 4 kg   -> 34cm – 38 cm
2 - up to 5 kg       -> 39cm – 42 cm
2,5 - up to 6 kg    -> 44cm – 48 cm
3 - up to 7 kg       ->      >48cm

Each cat has a unique build, but the combination of weight and chest size give a good indication to choose the size. Because of the width of the chest at the front the size can deflect, but that can only be determined by fitting.

When Liberta harness is too small for your cat?

The Liberta harness is too small if it falls into the armpits.

When Liberta harness is too big for your cat?

The Liberta harness is too big if it has less than 4 cm opening when the cat stands on its feet. Note that, the larger the cat the opening will need to be proportionaly bigger. This is because the difference between the chest size of the relaxed cat and the chest size of the 'made narrow to escape' state is also bigger.

Movies: click here and here

/ Notes:

- Never take the Tre Ponti Fibbia model for cats. The closure is not adjustable, so does not adapt if the cat is trying to escape.

- NEVER let a cat walk with a harness without your guidance.

- Never expect of a cat that she walks on a leash (like a dog) in a busy area. With few exceptions, cats may (will) stress or panic, which not only traumatic and dangerous for your cat, but also dangerous for you (in her panic she can seriously injure you).

- Of course, it remains equally important to train your cat from an early age and to learn it slowly because every cat prefers to roam freely. But if they can not roam freely, and they get used to it from an early age, many cats find it nice to explore on a leash in the garden or park.

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