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  • Winkel in Antwerpen sinds 2012
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Snuffle Dog Beer

hondenbier Snuffle

Alcohol- and Carbon Dioxide-free drink for dogs.
Snuffle dog beer will refresh your dog all year long in a deliciously fun way.
0% alcohol and 100% Made in Belgium

PurrFect Design, Lange Klarenstraat 25? 2000 Antwerpen

Snuffle is the first dog beer. Well, let us rephrase that because Snuffle is a 'beer' in the emotional sense of the word. Technically Snuffle isn't a real beer of course. It contains no alcohol what so ever and it is non-sparkling. (Who needs a drunk, burping dog?)

But emotionally it is most certainly is a beer. We, men or woman, drink beer with our buddies, our palls to share moments, special moments, the Best Moments. To laugh, discuss and sometimes cry together. And preferred way of doing that is.. right, around a beer.

Now you can do all that with that other best friend of yours': your dog. Snuffle is made with beef or chicken and malt barley extracts, mineral oils, vitamin B and other doggy goodies for a taste that will have dogs' taste buds twitching. Just like your pint does for you. And because only the best is good enough for our best friends, Snuffle has been brewed with ingredients that are also used in products for human consumption.

How to serve?
Best at room temperature. Open the can and pour a little in a drinking bowl, then shake the can to let the extracts come to their full texture (one finger on the can opening!) and pour in a smooth motion, so you get a froth collar like a real pint. Serve only in a clean drinking bowl. Normally water, now a healthy and tasty pint of beer.

Small to medium dogs ½ bottle per day. Medium to large dogs 1 bottle per day.
Divide the indicated amount into several portions.
Shake before use and serve at room temperature.
Serve in a dog bowl and not in a glass or other glass products.

Keep refrigerated on opening. Do not store below 4°C. Do not allow to freeze. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Hondenbier Snuffle Dog Beer made in Belgium

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