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Tips Scratching by Behaviour Counsellor

Scratching objects, marking behavior, is an important basic need of the cat.

- Between the paw pads are scent glands that secrete pheromones. This marking, is part of their communication
- They thus create a "group scent" in the house, that is comforting for them. So they feel safe and at home. (= Stress reduction) 
- The visible effects of the scratching is also communication 
- Maintenance of their nails 
- And ... it's also fun! 

By providing sufficient places for your cat to scratch in your house, your prevent furniture or wallpaper to be damaged. 
It is important that the scratching objects are standing or hanging in the right places. That means "on the walking paths." 
Waling paths or walkways are literally the routes they frequently use. Typically, corresponding with our walkways in our home (from lounge to kitchen, entrance to upper floor, from garden to dining room,...)
Also scratching boards next to doors are ideal. 

The scratching place are even more attractive: 
- with a nice view (eg next to a window) 
- with the smell of catnip or valerian 
- provide both vertical and horizontal scratching places

The basic needs of the owner: nice design! 

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Cat Behaviour Counsellor
Antwerp - Belgium 

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