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Food and Water Bowls for cats

Some cats are very particular about their food, others are not ... but most are indifferent to the way it is presented... 
But you are not! You like the food bowl to integrate in your interior, because you look at their food bowl every day.
Some cats with short noses or sensitive whiskers, find it easier or more enjoyable to eat from shallow bowls.

For us it is custom, but it is uncommon for cats to drink and eat in the same place. 
It is better that their water is not with their food, but preferably in one or even several places in the house. 
If you opt for a double feeding dish, use both containers for food. And a separate for water. 

Because it is important that cats drink enough, because they are sensitive to kidney or urinary problems, it is advisable to put down water in several places in the house. That way they drink an average of 20% to 30% more. 

Provide running water, then they will love it even more.

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