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Cat-Toure Cat Shirts/Tanks Blue

€ 28,00 € 15,00 Incl. tax

Nice T-shirts/Tanks for naked cats.

Sizes: S, M, L => look in the chart to see what size fits your cat.

Material: 100% combed cotton

Did your naked cat never wear a shirt before? The first time she will not like putting it on. To get used to the feeling, give her extra tasty food or play her favorite game, immediately after. She will adjust during that destraction.
Many naked cats find it very nice to wear something warm, some are indifferent and some don't like it. If your cat does not like it, don't put it on anymore. It should improve well-being or leave her well-being untouched. It should never harm the well-being.

It is not so that naked or Rex cats need clothing. Nude Cats have a thicker skin and more fat. They also have a high metabolism, which explains them being good eaters. This way they keep there body temperature as it should be.

But ...
- Naked Cats produce skin oil, and some even excessive. To reduce the number times you need to wash them or limit the oil stains on your furniture, a shirt can help.
- Furthermore, it is also a possible solution of reducing allergic reaction. More often people choose a the Sphynx breed because of allergies. It can turns out later that it was an allergy to a substance in cat saliva or dander, which Sphynx cats also produce. A shirt limits the spread of saliva and dander in the air and can therefore sometimes limited the allergic reaction.
- Experience shows that naked cats often appreciate shirts, especially in winter, and are clearly more playful. Possibly they experience it as playing with "the blanket they like to be under still on" ;-)
- For light colored naked cats, in summer it can protection against sunburn. Remember that you still have to protect the free body parts for the sun:

Important in your choice of jackets for cats (general):
- We only offer shirts in jersey (T-shirt fabric) or fleece. These are soft comfortable fabrics, which are also the most resistant to cat claws.
- Avoid fabrics that are rough or wool. They may cause irritation. Wool is also quicky damaged by cat nails, and they can get stuck in it and hurt themselves.
- Dog Jackets are usually too wide for cats, especially at the waist. Frequently they are stiffer and less flexible, making them not suitable for, the much more flexible, cats.
- Decorations like buttons, ribbons, ... are also not recommended because nails can get stuck and they might be a object of play.

Mark Posted on 29 January 2016 at 16:16

Past perfect, dank

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