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INFO: Cardboard scratchers, our criteria

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Scratching objects in cardboard are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the classic scratching posts.
They are not only very popular with the cats, but also with you - the owners - because they integrate nicely into your interior.

This popularity also means that it is a 'market' that more and more brands are responding to, so there are more and more companies that produce cardboard cat scratcher. That is of course a positive evolution, so that more and more cats can enjoy them!

We regularly receive requests for some of these newer brands, such as myKotty, Katris, Miglio, District 70, House of Cats and some others.
Of course we would like to explain why we remain loyal to Cat-on as a permanent value in our collection.

When choosing the cardboard scratchers that we include in our collection, we take into account the following criteria:

• durability of the cardboard, so strong furniture cardboard with a long lifespan, so that you can enjoy the investment for a long time.
• strong furniture cardboard is also quite scratch resistant, so a lot less pieces of cardboard get loose during scratching than with softer cardboard. This prevents a 'cardboard shreds feast’ around the scratcher
• durability of the model, so preferably models that are reversible, so that the life span is doubled compared to models where the cardboard bottom can never be used to scratch
• a beautiful discreet design
• beautiful finish, which is mainly translated into nicely cut cardboard, without fraying
• formaldehyde free and no use of harmful dyes or adhesives, since there are also cats that put their teeth in it and there can also remain minuscule residues between the nails that they will later swallow.
• preferably produced in Europe, which is not only positive for the ecological footprint, but also gives more clarity about the materials used.

Occasionally we make an exception that confirms the rule, if we encounter cardboard scratching furniture that distinguishes itself in a way that we cannot resist, such as originality or innovativeness.
Obviously, we will never make an exception on the rule regarding the use of harmful products and if it is an object with a shorter life, we will mention this in the product description.

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